Sunday, 5 August 2012

Spoke too soon?

   Umm, the weather has turned warm and dry. The runner beans are growing away. The haricot vert are all but over and my onions grown from seed still look good. Haricot buerre are up. I have so many cucumbers grown inside the poly tunnel and also outside that I am giving bags full away and still have too many! Some sugar snap peas and peas picked.
   Inside the poly tunnel watering has been the main task. Tomato's are now being picked along with cucumbers and primo cabbage. Cauliflowers have started to grow away and another sowing of red salad bowl is now ready to pick. The giant cabbage is still there and shows no signs of splitting or going to seed.
   Most of my time this last week has been trying to get the house garden in order. Lots of plant growth removed and general tidying done. The dry spell is starting to show its effects and those plants in sheltered areas are wilting. Least the grass has slowed down!
   In the outside vegetable garden I have finally managed to grow some leeks from seed that are worth transplanting. I have transplanting them and I am hopeful to get something from them. 
Transplanted leeks
  My friends (not) the chickens have finally managed to destroy my rosemary cuttings, bar one! They just like a dust bowl and the rosemary was where they wanted to dust their bums!
  The first melon of the season has been picked and eaten. Lots of melons on the vines so hopefully many more to come. The melon patch has been a this years success story. The outside tomato patch looks a little sorry for itself and I am not too hopeful for a good crop. They need some rain. Sweet corn is being picked and it is very nice too. The courgette patch continues to produce many courgettes and I am forced to feed them to the chickens! Least they are not going to waste. One of the old apple trees has is producing what looks like a reasonable crop and the one of the new apple trees has a couple of apples on it. 
  Autumn is just around the corner and there are already signs that is it coming. Hard to believe really. 

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