Wednesday, 15 August 2012

It ain't half hot Mum!

  It has been hot hot hot here in La Creuse. Hot means no rain, means me having to lug cans of water about, means some crops are suffering!
  Inside the poly tunnel temperatures are regularly reaching a maximum of over 50C. Good for some, bad for others. The cucumbers are on their way out. They have been overwhelmed by a fungus infection. A big problem this year has been dust. The outside of the poly tunnel is very dirty with dried on soil. As I am only 5' 10" and the poly tunnel is at least 7' high in the centre and curved it has proved very hard to clean. This means reduced light and plants tending to bolt. The dust is caused mainly by the local farmers harvesting and hay cutting. Tomatoes in the tunnel are doing well along with aubergines, salad bowl lettuce, little gems, broad leaf parsley and cauliflowers. The white fly issue has abated. I do not think they like the high temperatures! Another sowing of salad bowl done. Salad bowl in the poly tunnel has been a real success. It is too hot in the tunnel for any sowing of seed in modules so I am having to put those outside.
  In the outside garden sugar snap peas are being picked, carrots pulled, potatoes dug, cucumbers cut and the odd melon picked. More carrots have been sown. Courgettes are turning into footballs and marrows! We cannot eat them quick enough. The sweet corn is being harvested but the chickens have moved in! The grass is turning brown and is now growing very slowly. Runner beans are starting to appear and I look forward to a reasonable crop. Soon be time to sow swede and turnips. As I did last year, which was very successful, I will sow the swede in modules and plant them out rather than sow a row of seed.
Golden Sunrise from the poly tunnel
Rosebelle potatoes before lifting


   The summer moves on and here in Champeau the summer visitor are now here and its barbecue time with lots of cold beer, wine and food.

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