Thursday, 23 August 2012


  No sign of rain yet despite the forecast of thunder and rain. There is a plus side. No grass cutting! Very few weeds. RESULT! Crops in the poly tunnel and in the outside garden are really suffering. In the outside garden the sweet peppers are looking very sad and I do not expect to get much, if any, of a crop. The celery and celeriac have both been scorched by the sun and I am fighting a loosing battle trying to water them. On the plus side I have had a great harvest of melons. The cucumbers are now all but finished and they too have done well. The sweet corn has been good and the chickens are also enjoying it. Another week will see the end of that. The tomatoes this year have been very poor compared to last years excellent crop and I am again trying to save what I can. I am going to plant more yellow ones as the chickens have left those alone! Onions grown from see, Spanish, Bedfordshire champion and Red Karmen, are now drying off well and are a very good size. The Brussels sprouts and cabbages are looking very very sad, however, the carrots are looking good but the follow on rows have yet to germinate. The grape vine growing on one of the side walls of my barn has grown a lot this year and has produced a good crop of grapes. Hopefully I will get to them before the birds!
  In the poly tunnel the cucumbers have now been removed. The giant cabbage finally gave in and died. The tomato's here are looking healthy and are turning red. The toms in the hanging baskets have produced a very good crop of yellow tomatoes although one basket is very much at the end of its life I think. Salad bowl and Little Gem lettuce are being picked. There is still one or two Golden Primo cabbages waiting for harvest. The cauliflowers are growing well. Pak Choi (Chinese cabbage) is near to the end of its life and will soon be chicken feed. The goose, ducks and turkeys love a lettuce!
  It is hard to believe that it is the end of August and autumn is just round the corner. Soon be time to batten down the hatches for winter. Catch ya'all soon!

Giant Courgette

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