Saturday, 28 July 2012

The harvest gains momentum..

   Everything is producing well, even the thinning out of the carrot row has produced a good crop. I have frozen 950 grams of the thinned carrots.
Carrot thinnings 240712
The tomato season has begun! Two small but very tasty Tumbler tomato's have been picked (and eaten as soon as they were!). Quite literally kilos of haricot vert have been harvested. Cucumbers? How many can you eat!! I should have a cucumber eating competition there are so many. Chrystal lemon, Marketmore 76 and La Diva!  In the garden haricot buerre have been sown. I have given up with parsnips. I have sowed three lots and not one has germinated and this is from two seed sources so I cannot blame the seed. Likewise red cabbage grown from seed has been a disaster so I spent 4.20 euros and got some from the local market. Guess what? I foolishly left them on the ground and the chickens took a fancy to them. Fortunately they did not eat the hearts out of the cabbages so I am expecting them to recover. Boy. Sweetheart melons are developing all over the vines! Looks like my melon bed is working. 
Sweetheart melon
Sweet peppers are growing albeit slowly. Not enough sunshine. Summer peas and sugar snap peas are not doing as well as I would have wished. Chickens? Mice? Poor germination? Who knows.
  In the poly tunnel tomato's are red and ready to pick. Celery is good, cucumbers are just great and I still have four varieties of lettuce! White fly has been a problem this year and I am looking into ways of controlling the infestation without using chemicals. Winter sowing plans are being slowly developed.
  Next years brassica bed has been identified and some muck added. More required though. So on we go, weeding, grass cutting , harvesting, planting, watering.... phew! 

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