Friday, 31 August 2012

Rain? Whats that? - bah! It rained!

  No rain to speak of. Even when the forecast said rain, it did not! The threat though was enough for me to pull my onions grown from seed and what a crop! Delightfully large onions! Spainish, Bedfordshire champion and Red Baron. This has made up for the disappointment with the red onions grown from sets.
Red Baron and Bedfordshire Champion onions grown from seed
  Autumn work has started. Leaves are being raked up to put onto the leaf compost heap. I continue to water the celery, celeriac and sweet peppers. The sweet peppers I think are a lost cause but I will continue! I should have watered the runner beans earlier than I did and the first flush of beans barely transpired. Hopefully the next lot will be better.  Blue Auvergne potatoes dug up and stored. Everything looks dry.
  In the poly tunnel the tomatoes are harvesting well. The autumn cauliflowers are going well but the winter cabbage looks a little moth eaten. I have continued to plant out lettuce and I am trying some beetroot.
  Ok, I spoke too soon. Since starting this blog it has rained. Probably something like two inches in half inch showers. Also thunder. This means one thing - everything will start to grow again! Least I do not have to water now! Clearing up continues. Outside cucumbers now gone and some weeding done.
  Bonnat agricultural fair on Saturday (01/09) which means I will be buying garlic to plant out. For me this is the first sign of the new season to come.

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