Sunday, 24 July 2016

Those feathered pests!

Caught in the act!

Newly planted lettuce bed. What is that I see?
   Well those feathered pests finally got their own way! They have managed to destroy my lovely lettuce bed. I have now cleared the bed and replanted with bought (oh I hate having to buy lettuce plants) lettuce plants. See that chicken in the lower picture? Already eyeing up the lettuce.
   In the outside garden the round and straight courgettes are now starting to come in. Also the outside cucumbers, La Diva, have produced a couple of cucumbers. I do like the la Diva and Wautoma cucumbers. Digging of potatoes continues with the Bonnette Noumieters just about finished now. Next lot are Belle de Fontenay. I have protected with netting my fledgling haricot buerre and a planting of savoy type cabbage. The cauliflowers are now well established. I am watering every day at the moment. Soon be time to pull carrots methinks and harvest the shallots.
   On the animal front the chickens are being a pest, the mother hen and her chicks are sweet. The mother hen is now not so aggressive with me and the chicks have really grown some. Finally we have finished sheep shearing. 
  Least with the sunny weather the grass has stopped growing. No so the weeds and I am playing catch up.

The last fleece

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