Monday, 11 July 2016

From rain to drought...

   The weather over the last week has been hot and getting hotter although as  write this the forecast is for cooler, more cloudy conditions. I do not want to say this too loud but a little rain would help move things along. Despite the hot days if I turn the soil over the soil is damp so plants are not yet suffering from lack of water. I am watering the melons and lettuce but that I expect to have to do. I also water the cauliflowers because that is what is advised to do. Cauliflowers like to be kept damp. The squash and courgettes have now taken off with small "8 ball" and straight "bush" courgettes showing. It will not be long before I am cutting them I am sure. I am now picking sugar snap peas. The melons have flowers on them and the outdoor cucumbers are looking good although I have yet to spot any. I have, as is usual at this time of year, more potatoes than I know what to do with. The onions I reckon could have done better but hey they still have a month to swell. Fingers crossed. Looking at my garden log most of my time has been spent weeding and there is still more to do. Also the never ending task of grass mowing. Hopefully the hot weather will have slowed it up. I can but hope! The lettuce look good and unfortunately blight has set into the tomatoes. It will be a race to see if I get any or not. Finally managed to get to the grape vine after the new septic tank  system had been put in and prune it. Does not look like there will be much fruit this year. The cherries were a complete wipe out. The apples are looking reasonable but we are only just coming into the "drop" season.
   In the poly tunnel cucumbers dominate along with the tomatoes which have also started to show signs of blight. These plants are far more advanced with lots of fruit already set. The jalapeno peppers look good and the cabbage a little sad but I should get some! The beetroot is ok and I have started to harvest it.
   On the animal front the sheep continue to be sheep, ducks are being ducks and meat chickens are being chickens. Our adopted chicks have adapted well and are now free to roam the garden with a very attentive mother hen. I can only guess that the hot weather has put the chickens off laying and of course the septic tank work was being done right outside their coop which would not have helped. 
  So as always too much to do, not enough time to do it. Hey ho!
Bonnotte Noirmoutier potatoes

Courgette bed

Green top swede

Melon flowers

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