Thursday, 23 June 2016

Time flies!

   If anyone is out there reading my blog apologies for being a couple of days late. No excuse, just forgot!
   Transplanting outside the poly tunnel continues at pace. Aubergines, Waltham butternut squash, 8 ball courgette, Green top Swede, Noire de Crimee and Cocktail Clementine tomatoes, Great Lakes and Little Gem lettuce, Troubadour and Blacktail water melons. Other jobs done: tied up the Gigante runner beans as they were reluctant to wrap themselves around the poles; first garlic dug up -not quite ready but very close; resowed sweet corn only to discover that I had bought animal maize! Darn. 
   In the poly tunnel the tomatoes and both varieties of cucumbers are growing really well.  More lettuce transplanted also although lettuce is now being transplanted outside the poly tunnel so I will use the space for something else as they are eaten. I have now transplanted some basil in between the plants. Basil and tomatoes go well together. My crop of cabbage is looking good and will start to be cut.
   There is much to do, far too much. It will  not be long before I can dig up the early potatoes. They are in flower and I noticed that the sugar snap peas are starting to show flowers. The good old grass needs cutting again but the weather has turned hot and humid. 
   On the animal front all is well. The Sussex hen continues to sit on her eggs and the lambs are growing. I managed to break my sheep shears just as we started to do the ewes. I have managed to borrow another set so hopefully we can crack on. The time has come to process the meat chickens. We have three cockerels out of the eight birds we have, annoyingly the two Maran's are cockerels. 

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