Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Getting active at last

Collection of sweet peppers
     The frustration of being ill continues. I have had little inclination to do much in the garden bar pick or pull some vegetables. Much to my surprise the few Touchon carrots that germinated are proving to be really good sized carrots. The most I have done is to clear out the cucumbers from the poly tunnel and tidy up the winter cabbage patch and put a net around them to keep the chickens off. Oh I did cut some grass too.
     So what else have I been doing on my road to recovery? Well I have pickled shallots, made several lots of pasata and made a cake. I have now pretty much caught up with the tomatoes. Should be a few more to come if there is not a frost. So far 34+ kilogrammes harvested. Not sure if I am pleased or disappointed with that total. As you can see from the picture the sweet peppers are coming in strongly, again much to my surprise. This is the first time I have grown chocolate sweet peppers. Quite amusing really.
   The chickens have continued to disappoint. On average we are getting three eggs a day out of eleven hens. One of the hens is still broody and if she does not buck her ideas up soon she will have to go. I am sure that many  of them are molting as there are lots of feathers about. So far this year they have produced some 2096 eggs. 
   Hopefully by the time I write my next blog I will be fully recovered and hard at it in the garden and trying to catch up with all the work I have that has not been done over the last three weeks. 

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