Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Still wet...

   Another wet week with little being done, however, I did manage to get one day to wash inside and the outside of the poly tunnel. It is always surprising to me how dirty the cover gets. I now need to disinfect the inside and I am waiting for a dry day to do it! I have sown some dwarf peas in the tunnel for over wintering (round peas not wrinkled) and they have already sprouted. I have sown them in such a way I can put "plastic bottle cloches" over them. I have also sown some spring cabbage in their too more in hope than expecting anything much. Kohl Rabi and All the Year Round cauliflower are growing well along with the sweet peppers and various herbs.
   The frame supporting the Champion of England peas finally collapsed under the pressure of size and weight of the peas and the high winds. No damage to anything else. I just need to clean up the mess! My over winter onion seed that was ravaged by the chickens looks very sad. The germination has been poor (not helped by the fact they were germinating and the chickens struck!) and I am thinking that I might move those that are big enough to another bed or inside the poly tunnel.
   The new season has opened up with the sprouting of the garlic and field beans. Yes, field beans not broad beans. Field beans are related to broad beans but are a smaller plant that does not grow so tall. It is the bean that farmers grow apparently. They are still supposed to crop quite heavily.
Field beans and garlic for 2014
  I have managed to spend some time starting to clear the bank where I want to plant my spring bulbs. The ground is very wet here and quite heavy. This is the second year of clearing this area and it is most definitely easier this time.
  So, lots to do but time is now against me. Once November is here the temperatures will start to go below freezing making it more difficult to work the ground. Better get my skates on!

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