Friday, 21 December 2012

Rain, mud and voles...

   Just a short posting as really not a lot has been  going on. I am now feeding the wild birds and the chickens just love the seed that gets dropped by them.
   The last couple of weeks has seen mild temperatures, a lot of rain and of course shortening days. Not a lot doing in the garden although I have managed to do some weeding and drive clearing work between down pours and showers.. The voles/moles have made a lot of burrows under the lawns and with the large amount of rain the soil has now become saturated which means if you stand on the roof of a vole/mole tunnel it collapses! I fear my tolerance of these critters is going to come to an end and I will have to start trapping them.
  Growing wise my second sowing of over winter peas are now showing. Chou Milan cabbage still looks good and there are some sprouts for Christmas! Yeah! Celeriac, celery, leeks and carrots are still being pulled/picked and the spinach is taking a rest! Garlic is growing well as are the broad beans and first sowing of over winter peas and there is still some beetroot to pull. In the poly tunnel broad beans have popped up and most other bits and bobs are just hanging in there.
  I am now looking forward to the new year and the start of  the sowing of tomato seeds. I have a number of different crops to try this season and I am really looking forward to seeing how they turn out. More on that as we move on into the year.  The picture below is our crop of fowl.

Left to right - x2 duck, white turkey, black turkey, black turkey, x2 bronze turkeys,  goose

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