Saturday, 1 December 2012

Leaves, lots of leaves and dumb turkeys

. I continue to rake up leaves. One strawberry bed is now weeded and mulched with chopped up oak leaves. One more to do, weather permitting. I picked two ripe strawberries from the Mara Bois bed! I have not touched the leaves in the house garden and I suspect the worms will get to them before I do. All around the trees are pretty much bare. Autumn is drawing to a close and winter is arriving. Temperatures are still above freezing but I have the cuisiniere in the house going all the time now. Forecast is for the weather to get colder.
  Forking and weeding have been the main tasks to undertake although I have pruning to do and a major job to be done with a couple of old apple trees. I really want to get those done this winter.
  In the poly tunnel the temperature is staying well above freezing and what plants are in there are still managing to grow a little. Sunrise is around 0812hrs and sunset around 1710hrs which makes for a short day! The second sowing of peas has not shown yet which really does not surprise me. The ground is wet and getting colder and I will be delighted if they do show but I am not expecting it. 
   I continue to pull leeks, carrots, celeriac and celery. Some of the later planting leeks look like they have taken a hit with the mild damp weather mould has been an issue. The chickens do not help as they forage between the plants and tend to squash them! The late planted sprouts look good but I am doubtful if they will produce proper sprouts. The winter cabbage is starting to heart up. My small row of spinach is forming "true" leaves and fingers crossed it will produce the goods, chickens permitting!
   Our female duck has taken to laying an egg a day much to my surprise I must admit. My daughter has been cooking with them and they do make a lighter cake. 
Dumb turkeys
Two of our turkeys took a bath and one got very wet and cold. She did recover thanks I think to the mild weather at that time. They are really dumb these turkeys! Plenty of garden activities to do. The battle of the nettles is currently on pause. Other jobs have taken priority.

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