Saturday, 29 December 2012


    Since my last post all it has seemed to have done is rain. So, not a lot done. In between down pours and showers I have managed to do some forking and weeding. Despite it being December the weeds still grow and more so as the weather here in La Creuse has generally been mild.
    Turkey's, ducks and the goose were all dealt with by my son-in-law on the 22nd December. Our bronze turkey that we had for Christmas lunch was just lovely. The sprouts (much to my surprise!), carrots and potatoes were provided from the garden. Parsnips, as mentioned before, were a complete disaster this year. Three lots sown (old, new, self gathered) and not one parsnip germinated. Back to my known and trusted method of growing parsnips this season! The poly tunnel provided some lettuce and herbs. 
   The first Chou Milan has been cut. To me it looks like a savoy type cabbage and was very nice. There are still leeks, cabbage, beetroot, celeriac and a few carrots left and believe or not celery! Peas (two lots!), broad beans, garlic and spring onions are growing away. January is coming and it will soon be time to start sowing onions and tomato seed!
  So just a short post . Happy New Year to all and I wish you a successful 2013 in and outside the garden!

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