Monday, 16 July 2012

I caught up but then....

   Once more a couple of weeks have passed by before I realise that I have not posted a blog. Sorry about that folks!
   As is the way of the world I just about caught up in the garden and then it was time to depart for the UK for a week. Boy! I wonder what the garden will be like when I return? More weeds no doubt. I have found the UK wet although I have been fortunate enough to be able to do the things I wanted to do without getting myself wet. 
   In the last couple of weeks in the poly tunnel I have transplanted Pak Choi cabbage, All the Year Round cauliflower, Webbs Wonderful lettuce and Little Gem Lettuce. I hope my lettuce gap is filled! Marketmore 76 and Chrystal Lemon cucumbers are starting to become prolific producers. Any ideas what to do with spare cucumbers? The tomato's are doing well and I am looking forward to a good crop. I have manage to grow some celery for the first time and it is going well. My giant cabbage is now so large I am going to have trouble moving it when I decide to cut it. It would feed the five thousand!
  Outside the poly tunnel weeding has been a major item and my weed pile continues to grown. Those weeds do not slow down! Outside Rosebelle potatoes are being dug, haricot vert are now being picked and some black currants gathered. Most crops are looking good. The Early Onward peas have now been cleared and a row of Borlotti beans sown in their place. The next lot of peas are now showing along with the sugar snap peas. I have cobs on my sweet corn and it will not be long before I am  picking some I am sure. The onions grown from seed are doing well, far better than the ones grown from sets. I have again sown another row of parsnips. This is the third and final attempt. The carrots look good and the fourth sowing has now germinated. Probably the first job to do when I get home will be to sort out the carrots and freeze the baby ones. I have Borlotti beans! Another first for me. Brassicas are not the most successful crop outside. I need to work on getting the soil conditions right I think. Butternut squash, courgettes (round and long), pumpkins and gourds all look good and the courgettes are now being cut.
  All in the all the warm damp conditions have in the main suited the garden. A little more sunshine is now required I feel. Fingers crossed!
Weed pile
Borlotti Bean


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