Thursday, 15 June 2017

Its going wild and .....

   The weather has been ideal for the garden. Warm and wet. Everything is growing including the weeds. This will be the last blog for at least four weeks. I am taking a trip with my best mate to New Zealand to see the British Lions rugby union tests. Bit of a trip of a life time. So what have I been up to? Planting out more lettuce, tying up tomatoes which are doing really well, weeding (always!), transplanting vegetable spaghetti and finally pruning the vine! You will note that grass cutting is not in the list. I should have. I know I should have but I did not get to it. It is going to be a jungle when I get back! Just for fun I counted up the number of different plants I have in the vegetable garden including multiple varieties of tomato and potatoes and the total came out at fifty six. My small sowing of broad beans has produced a worthwhile crop and I have had several helpings of nice young beans and parsley sauce.
   On the animal front we finally got to finish the shearing of the sheep for this year.  Two ewe lambs have also been born and the flock has made a few attempts at trying to get into areas they are not supposed to. The female duck continues to lay and all three really enjoy the pond when the water is changed. On the chicken front we lost a Limousin chicken to fly strike, not a nice way to go. She died as I was trying to clean her up. Guess it was just too much for her. Our broody hen, Mrs Chick, failed to hatch any of her eggs. Not really surprised, however, another hen, Mrs Sussex, is now sat on a batch of eggs. When she gets to her hatching time we are going to introduce some day old chicks.
  Well that is it for now. Back in four weeks!

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