Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Is it time to panic?

   Over the last week not a lot has happened in the  garden. Too wet or other things have got in the way! Hey ho! No need to panic yet but it sure is getting close to it.
   The Touchon carrots are now all dug up. What a wonderful crop they have been this autumn and winter. Never grown such a good amount of  good sized carrots before. There are still some leeks, parsnips and green swede along with Jerusalem artichokes, which no one seems to like, in the garden and a few not so good looking savoy type cabbage. I expect the rabbits will get those. In the poly tunnel there are now two rows of 18 Jour (18 Day) radish sown and some beetroot from last autumn. They may do something and there again they may not. No sign of germination of the first lot of radish which I would have expected by now. I  have put a cloche over them to see if that encourages them to grow. As an experiment I have chopped up some ginger and planted it in a pot which is in the dinning room (along with the chitin potatoes!). From what I have read ginger should be easy to grow. Ha! Famous last words.
  On the animal front the rams keep breaking down the fence to get to the ewes. Rotters! We have two Ixworth cockerels who were not getting along. The dominant one was chasing the other out of the coop area and it has a six foot high fence. So the youngster has been moved with two generic black hens from the other coop into the duck enclosure. He is a lot happier and I would also say so are the hens! Egg production is picking up. Mostly getting five a day now. Hopefully the rest will start soon.  
  Well that is about it. I now need to get my tomato and first lot of lettuce seed in as the weather has taken a turn for the warmer.

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