Monday, 1 December 2014

Weather and short days

   The weather and short days continue to work against getting much done. There are many blank days on my garden log where nothing in the garden was done. Oh yes, made mince pies, cakes and Christmas puddings but no gardening! So, what little has been done? November sown radishes are being pulled and another sowing has been made and have germinated in the poly tunnel. It amazes me that they manage to grow to maturity at this time of year. A lot of tidying up done when the weather permitted, things like taking up the sweet corn stalks, some weeding and forking when the ground has not been to wet. Another bed of violet garlic has been planted as I was not happy with the first planting despite it looking quite good. The chickens did not help with this first bed of garlic. The chickens have also discovered my over winter broad beans and I have been forced to fence them off. I do not believe they have been killed off, just shocked! I managed to get my bonfire lit and I now have a pile of ashes. Horray! Trouble is I have started to build another one! I have also managed to get spring bulbs planted not without incident. I wanted to plant bulbs close to the bee hive. Of course, with my luck, the temperature got above 10C and guard bees started to appear out of the hive and they noticed me. I made a hasty retreat once one got a little to close for comfort. Later in the day I managed to finish planting the bulbs. 
   In the poly tunnel the Nigels Green Chillis have finally called it a day and I have removed them. There is radish, fennel, some lettuce and believe or not sweet peppers that can still be picked. My Christmas potatoes after showing such promise have been destroyed by mould, probably blight. I have some outdoors and as long as there is not a severe frost I might still manage to get some new potatoes for Christmas (famous last words those!).
Planting Tulips

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