Sunday, 21 December 2014

Pre Christmas rush?

   Here we are at the 21st December, winter solstice. My thoughts are moving towards January and the sowing of onion seed and a distant thought about seed potatoes! Oh boy! It never stops.
   The last blog was published on the 12th. So what has happened since then? Looking back at my daily log, not a lot! I managed to move my leaf pile to its composting place before the chickens could get to it and the weather permitted. There has been more rain and the ground once again is saturated. In the poly tunnel the sweet peppers have now been removed and the beds they were in tidied up and top dressed. In the poly tunnel there is still lettuce, fennel and radishes to harvest and the spring cabbage (fingers crossed) looks fine. The purple sprouting has suffered badly from white fly and it has also grown tall due to lack of light I guess. In the outside garden I dug up some celeriac, beetroot, parsnips and turnips for stews and salads. There is less and less in the garden now. There are still some leeks, celeriac and beetroot and the rump of a row of carrots that I left in the hope that they might grow a bit with the mild weather. May  get some small ones from that row, you never know! There is spinach which is of edible size. My  nice looking broad beans are now looking moth eaten. Blooming chickens! The garlic is ok and looks like it has now slowed up a little, however, the last lot I planted is now starting to show. With there being no frosts it looks like we are going to get our Christmas potatoes from a raised bed outside of the poly tunnel. I have had the bed fleeced over for a couple of weeks now and the tops are still mostly looking heathly! Fingers crossed! There are probably one or two very small ones in the poly tunnel but not enough for a meal.
    Outside of the garden the turkeys and geese have been processed and are in the freezer. Really looking forward to eating the large goose. Good weights have been achieved with the fowl the largest turkey being 8.5 kgs, the smallest 7kgs. One of the geese came in at 5kgs which will be our Christmas dinner!

Two of four Turkeys in the freezer


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