Wednesday, 22 October 2014

New season gets underway!

   Seems to me that before the old season ends the new one begins! Garlic and broad beans are showing and will be in good stead for next spring.
 Broad beans sprouting
   In the poly tunnel the last of the basil has been removed. Charmette peas are up. The "rescued" fennel is starting to produce new leaves so I am hopeful to get something. I have taken advantage of a couple of mild day and the availability water from the water butts to wash down the poly tunnel inside and out. I had to use my floor mop to get to top of the tunnel! I have abandoned my experiment with spring cabbage and bottle cloches. Out of twenty one seeds only nine germinated into anything reasonable. Those nine have been moved to the poly tunnel.  Sweet peppers and the chili are still producing and the Christmas potatoes continue to thrive. I have constructed a framework for the fleece cloche over the potatoes which I have no doubt will soon be needed. My white sage and bay tree, both in a pot, have been moved to the poly tunnel.
   The fennel outside has been all but destroyed by the chickens! Moss curled parsley is well established and ought to stand the winter. The grass continues to grown and I have had to mow it once more. Hopefully there may only have to be one more mowing before I can stop until next year. If it remains mild then maybe not. I have now picked the few apples I had on my late fruiting apple tree but those that there were are large and bug free. I have also picked all the remaining grapes probably a little late if truth be told.
Butternut squash crop
   This years crop of carrots has not been good. Lots of carrots but they have been small. Guess I need to sow earlier and keep the chickens off and investigate as to why they have been so small.

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