Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 - New Season is upon me!

   Happy New Year! I hope Santa brought you what you wanted. Just a short blog as really not a lot has been going on.
   So, here we are once more! January. Time to think seriously about sowing onion and tomato seed. Also in the back of my mind potatoes. In the vegetable garden all is wet and horrible. The garlic, field beans, leeks, beetroot, spinach and swede are hanging in there. The chickens like cabbage so the poor old swedes have taken a beating. Ninety nine per cent of their leaves have been eaten. Not really an issue. My green manure has also been eaten to nothing by the chickens. Mind you, they are producing some nice eggs! The ground is still very wet and really not worth trying to cultivate. In the poly tunnel my french onions are sprouting and the kohl rabi is just about ready to pick. The coriander looks good probably the best batch I have grown as it has grown slowly. The very early rosemary cuttings I stuck in just as an experiment have taken and hopefully I will have another six rosemary plants. My Christmas potatoes, now to be early 2014 potatoes have remained dormant. I am keeping an eye on them and will cover them up as soon as I see any sign of them. Soon be time to start looking for the asparagus shoots. Still lots to do in the outside garden just need the weather to cooperate a bit.

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