Monday, 24 June 2013

The party is in full swing!

   Sugar snap peas (Oregon Sugar Pod) sown and summer/winter squash and pumpkins transplanted. Then it rained overnight - result! Just what was required. Broad beans harvested and over 3 kilogrammes frozen. Great Lakes lettuce from the poly tunnel cut and the cherry trees scaled and a good amount picked. There were almost  too many to eat but we managed a good number! Still, quite a few got away! Cauliflowers from the poly tunnel cut and frozen. Last of the "Christmas" potato's dug. up. Starting to pick peas. Beetroot thinned out. Minidor yellow french dwarf beans sown and more Great Lakes lettuce transplanted in the poly tunnel. Lettuce leave and lemon basil transplanted, also in the poly tunnel. Phew!
    Sunday dinner (23rd June) was all Champeau Bas produced produce - roast chicken, broad beans, carrots, peas and potatoes. 
   Weeds, weeds, weeds. Always weeds! And the grass - umm. I can only mutter dire threats against the grass. The weather has suited the garden but not me. I would love to see some sunshine last longer than just a couple of hours and without broken cloud please!  It has been  on the cool side (for this area) and damp. There have often been rain showers and the soil is warm to the touch which means everything grows fast. including weeds and grass. 

Tomatillo in the poly tunnel 


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