Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Ever forwards rain or no rain....

   29th May.
    The start of the week has been cool and wet. I struggle on, weeding and cutting the grass whether border verges or the lawns.
    Finally I have celery germinating. It has taken four sowing's of half seed trays of seed to get them to germinate. Guess the celery did not like the cool conditions! Hopefully with the long growing season here I will manage to produce some. Tomato's are now becoming a urgent case to transplant outside and my attention turns to them. The tomato beds are ready for planting just need a pause in the rain! I got the pause and 90 tomato plants transplanted - Moneymaker, Millefleur, Champeau Yellow Giant, Romano. Also the sweet corn I have planted in modules is germinated and growing well. The sweet corn bed needs attention! The strawberry beds need weeding! Arrgggh!
    Broad beans in the poly tunnel are now ready to pick and I think I will take a serving and leave the rest, as planned, for seed. The tomato's in the poly tunnel are growing well with the variety Latah in flower and hopefully they will soon turn into tomato's. The tomato's I have grown with the hope that they will grown on into the autumn are also growing well in their pots - Oregon spring and Ethel Watkins. Both are supposed to tolerate cooler conditions.
    There are now spout and cabbage plants that need to be transplanted and there are tomatillos too that need to go out. Sprouts and cabbage have been put out but now I have pigeons to deal with! 
Pigeon strike!
 And what caused this damage to my potatoes? It happened overnight while the chickens were shut up. Badger? Fox? Deer? So far I have not seen any other clues. I do not think whatever it was is after the potatoes as the tubers are not yet formed. Ants and their eggs are more likely but a lot of dirt has been moved. 

   Today I have seen the first tomato in the poly tunnel. It is a Latah tomato and it is only the 4th June! Yep, this variety are most certainly early. It will not be long and the summer/winter squash and courgettes will also need to be found space. In the mean time the grass and weeds grow! I noticed that the vine is now well and truly taking off. That will need pruning before you can say Jack Robinson! Busy busy busy!

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