Friday, 8 March 2013

Don't mess with bees...

   I decided that I needed to clear out some brambles around our bee hives. This I did without incident. Then, unwisely, I decided to try to cut the grass down near the hives with the bush wacker. Mistake. As soon as the wacker got close to the hive out came sleepy bees crawling around the entrance. Umm. I beat a hasty retreat with one or two bees buzzing around me. Bees are not supposed to be active below ten degrees celsius! Once I had gone they soon went back into the hive. 
  Seed sowing has begun in earnest. All the Year Round cauliflower, Celeriac (Giant Prague), self blancing celery, sweet peppers,  have been added to the tomatoes that have already been sown. The last of the red onion sets are in (Red Brunswick). I  have been busy forking and weeding beds getting them ready for sowing and planting. I have put out some lettuce plants (Rouge Grenobolise) under a clouche. Pot ash in the form of wood ash has been spread on what will be the potato bed and the brassica bed has been limed. I have been very impressed by the Latah tomato's which have germinated in under a week. The Real Seed Catalogue said they were ridiculously early and it proving to be so!
  In the poly tunnel 18 Jour (18 Day) radish, salad bowl lettuce and Rouge Grenobolise lettuce has been sown/transplanted. The early french leeks have been transplanted to modules and large pots. This is an experiment as I want to see which do better. Those in the modules or those in the large pots. I have take blue sage cuttings and found a self rooted sage branch that I have put into the herb bed. Hopefully a few new sage plants! The old main plant is now looking a little woody and could really do with being replaced.
  It has been a busy time and the pace can only quicken as the milder weather starts to kick in for real.

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