Monday, 25 February 2013

Pressing I thought!

   Here we are in the third week of February. My tradition has it that by the end of February shallots and onions sets should be in the ground. Well, I made it! Least for most of them. I have planted "pickle" onion shallots Red Sun (round ones), eschalots (ones shaped like a torpedo and are very common here in France) and red onion Karman sets. A good start. Still have a pack of red onion Brunswick sets to plant! My onions from seed are looking good as are the early leeks. In the poly tunnel I have washed down the parts of the inside I missed earlier and this is allowing more light in. It always surprises me how dirty (actual dirt!) the polythene gets on it. I am still resisting sowing my main crop of tomato's but I am twitching!
   Around the garden I have been clearing up the dead heads of perennials and notice that new growth is abundant already. I have crocus bulbs flowering in a pot. The felled fir tree branches and other detritus has been cleared and burnt. I have a nice big pile of wood ash. That will be used when I plant the potatoes. Seed potatoes are chitting away on the dinning room floor.
And now everything screams to halt! SNOW. There has been a steady fall of snow over three days and the ground is now covered and frozen. Man! Not a lot one can do but keep warm, confirm the seed sowing plan and watch the birds on the bird feeder from the lounge window! Hopefully the snow will not last long and I can get back to getting the garden in shape.

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