Friday, 20 January 2012

Seeds Germinating

   The poly tunnel fleece cloche is doing its job. I took a look at the seeds I planted two weeks ago and hey, I have primo cabbage, batavia lettuce and red baron onion all germinated.  I am sure it will not be long and the peas in the loo rolls will be up! Average temperature in the p/t fleece clouche has been 11C overnight despite temperatures of -2C to -7C outside.
Inside the Poly tunnel fleece cloche
  It is easy to forget that it is only the third week in January, however, everything grows so fast here. Next week I will need to go and get my seed potatoes and onion/shallot sets. Looking at last years garden log for number 6 I see that I planted Noirmoutier potatoes on the 19th February. This variety is usually planted during the first week of February so I reckon the Jardin shop should have potatoes in next week. I want to try a different very early variety this year, probably the same first early (Rosabelle) as they were so successful and also plant main crop Desiree. Will I have enough dug garden space I wonder? Umm....

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