Friday, 6 January 2012

Work in the polytunnel

  Welcome to the "Rodger at Champeau de Bas" blog. My aim in writing this blog is to share my experiences in managing and developing my garden at my property, Watermeadows, in Champeau de Bas, France. As well as garden the property is run as a small holding which is managed by my daughter, Sophie and her husband Paul. As time goes by I will show you more pictures of the garden and tell you of my successes and failures.

  The days are still on the short side to work outside and by the time one has got up, had breakfast and done the daily chores it is late morning. Plus it has been raining for what seems like a long long time. Anyway, there are lots of jobs to do and todays job was continuing with edging the poly tunnel (p/t) beds with salvaged oak beams. As you can imagine they were really hard to saw but, hey ho, one persists and the necessary pieces were cut to size and put in place. The looks are "rustic" but effective.The poly tunnel is really taking shape!  

  This picture was taken after yesterdays efforts and does not do justice to the finished job!

The sowing season has begun and a major job to do is sow tomato seeds. More on that later.

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