Sunday, 14 September 2014

Do not say it...

   The weather has continued to be very warm with cool mornings. Trouble is with this type of weather I want to enjoy it but there is work to do!
   Despite the fact that the melons seemed to have died off too soon and did not appear to be ripe I managed to get a reasonable number to finish ripening in my porch. So all in all a decent amount of melon was had.
   The first buttercup squash has been eaten. Very nice too. I would recommend this variety as a very worthwhile alternative to butternut squash. The texture of the squash after cooking is very much like a sweet potato as is its taste. My daughter, Sophie, I know is going to enjoy experimenting with this squash.
   So, what has been going on in and around the garden. Lots of forking, weeding and grass cutting. The local wood provider has delivered a load of wood and that has now been stacked in the hanger ready for the cold weather which is sure to arrive sooner rather than later. With this sunny warm weather I have been gathering the Gigante runner beans and Bollotti beans as they have ripened and getting them dried off. There is quite a reasonable crop. The aubergine crop continues to be good and I still picking some haricot vert and pulling carrots. The sweet peppers California Wonder and orange Mini Belle in the poly tunnel are still growing and producing as are the chillies. Once more I am trying for Christmas potatoes but I think I have planted them a little late. Oh yes. The garlic has been planted. With hindsight I looked back at my last years log and I have planted the garlic about a month early. Instinct kicking in? Umm. As a matter of interest as I was clearing and forking over last seasons garlic plot I came across some that I had not dug up. The bulbs has good root growth and good leaf growth. Umm. Sign of a hard winter?

Buttercup Squash
Buttercup Squash

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