Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Spring rain and shearing sheep...

   It is that time of year again. Time to grab a sheep and go at it with the shearers! I have bought some electric ones to speed up the process. We managed to get four done before the weather turned against us. Electric shearers are the way to go!
   The rats in the chicken coop were just becoming too much so something needed to be done. Over a week or two I have managed to eliminate them but it took three boxes of poison blocks, two types of poison. Makes one wonder if there is some resistant in the local rodent population.
   Anyway to more happier things! The asparagus season is coming to an end and I have to admit the crop has not been as large as I would have hoped. Still, just having some is nice. Sun flowers, sweet corn, popping corn and a second row of Champion of England peas have been sown in the garden. The corn was up within a week. Most of the tomatoes are now well 
Latvian soup pea
established and I have started to remove side shoots. I had to buy another hundred and eleven metal tomato poles! Could be a glut of tomatoes. The cabbage and sprouts are looking good and fingers crossed, maybe, hopefully I will get some decent sprouts this year! The beetroot grown in modules is now well established as is a good row of carrots. There are lots of pea pods on the Oskar peas so hopefully soon I will be picking outside peas. The potatoes just look grand. I do enjoy the foliage of the potatoes each variety a different shade of green.
   In the poly tunnel cucumber, melon (musk, water and troubadour) and pumpkin have been sown and have germinated! First lot of purple spouting have been sown and I am having a go a growing calabrese but from what I read they are not an easy plant to grown by any means. 
   Out of a packet of white sage seeds I managed to get one to grow and establish itself. I have been waiting for the plant to produce enough shoots for me to take cuttings. I have now taken six cutting and fingers crossed I may get a couple more plants.
   Of course, the grass is growing and I managed once more to break the handle of my petrol mower. As it happens we have acquired a low cutting bush whacker so the grass will still be cut.
   After a period of really nice weather, sun and very warm, it has turned cool and it has been raining. If I am honest as a gardener the rain came just at the right time. The ground was getting dry and newly transplanted crops and seeds need some moisture to help get them established and growing. Must not grumble!

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