Wednesday, 15 May 2013

As they say...go! go! go!

  Well, all h***  has let loose over the last couple of weeks. It has been a busy time at Watermeadows. There have been gite guests, an Aussie couple staying for a week and also some friends of my daughter/son-in-law staying with them! Houses were full!
  In the garden its go go go! A week of warmer weather has meant that the grass has need to be mown every three or four days and a lot of transplanting/sowing has been done. All the fruit trees has been in full blossom and the scent has just been wonderful. No frost so hopefully a lot will set! There are cherries on the sour cherry tree and I am informed that next doors cherry tree has masses of cherries on it! I think it will be a good year for fruit (famous last words!).
  It is manic in the polytunnel. Broad beans to pick, tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and more growing away! Quinoa, sown for the first time, germinated within 24 hours! Lettuce and radish to cut and pull, corriander and parsly to pick and All the Year round cauliflowers to admire! The Full White celery has been a disappointment and despite sowing three lots not one seed has germinated. I sent an email to the Real Seed Catalog just to let them know really and they are going to send me some more seed. I thought that was beyond the call really but hey thanks guys! Asparagus, inside the poly tunnel and out, has been cut quite reguarly but only three/four spears at a time. Still, good result year four and hopefully next year will be better.

Transplanted in the polytunnel:
Champeau Yellow giant tomatoes (home bred!)
Latah tomatoes
Amish Paste tomatoes
Romano tomatoes
Ethel Watkins tomatoes to pots
Oregon Spring tomatoes to pots
Wytches yellow tomatillos to pots
Curly parsly to a large pot, small pots and to p/t bed
Kaibi sweet peppers to pots
French breakfast radish p/t bed
La Diva cucumber in pots
Patty pan squash in pots
Blue banana squash in pots
Achocha exploding cucumber - more about these as they grow!
Straito di Napoli courghette in pots
White celery in small seed tray (third sowing!)
One hundredweight pumpkins in pots
Water melon in pots
Sweetheart melon in pots
Teizer celery in a small seed tray  

Transplanted to the tomb!
Latah tomatoes  
Transplanted in the outside garden:
Spainish and Bedfordshire Champion onions
Red cabbage to the rhubarb bed (cabbage and rhubarb complement each other!)
All the Year round cauliflower
Juane (Early) leeks

  In the outside garden the potatoes are bursting through and I am nearly at a point that I will not be able to cover them up with soil. Jerusalem artichokes are pushing up and the lettuce is now ready to cut. Onions and shallots sets are going well as are the onions from seed. Lots of grass clipping around the veggie borders and I have clear the edges of the strawberry beds and I can now see that there will be some strawberries this year.  First sowing of Cheltenham Green Top beetroot is up as is the Orbis (root parsly). The first row of Tender and True parsnip is looking good and the second row has now germinated. My over winter attempt to grow peas has now been declared a failure and I have started to remove the support sticks, however, the second sowing is doing well. The over wintered carrots, more of a mistake than diliberate attempt, are growing well and when pulled look good.
  Still lots to do and the days are slipping away! This week should see the last of the possible frosts with the usual dip in temperature expected at the end of the week. After that the weather should get a lot warmer and hopefully drier. I will let you know!

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