Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Potatoes etc...

   Another week, more rain yet some sunshine! In the outside garden I have started to plant potatoes. Belle de Fontenay, an old French variety, main crop and Vitelotte, a purple potato. This potato is purple all the way through! Should be interesting. I tidied up and top dressed the asparagus bed but but no signs of asparagus yet, however, spoke too soon, in the poly tunnel one spur has pushed it way up!  
First asparagus spur in the poly tunnel

   I have sown a row of Early Nante carrot under clouche's trying to get a head start. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Thats gardening for you! I finally took a deep breath and planted out the Jerusalem artichokes. Boy, doing that was a labor of love! Had to dig out an area, chuck manure in, cover it over, plant the few tubers I had and cover it up! Almost as bad as planting potatoes! Still, hopefully they will take and I will be able to establish a Jerusalem artichoke bed.
   In the poly tunnel transplanting continues. Aubergines, a few pak choi and tomatoes (Moneymaker, Couer de Beef, Roma, Amish Paste). Plenty more to do!

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