Sunday, 20 January 2013

Man! Another two weeks....

   Seems that a post every two weeks is becoming the norm! Ok, so it was only just over one week. Doh!  It is Sunday 20th January and I am  looking out of the lounge window to the sight of snow falling. First serious snowfall of the winter. 

   Not a lot done in the garden since the last posting. I managed to prune more of the apple tree and it is proving to be a bigger job than I thought. That tree has not been pruned in years! 
  The ground has been either too wet or lately too frozen to work. Up to today the peas and broad beans are still surviving! The poly tunnel has been left closed more often than not and all is pretty quiet in there. The seed onions are moving along and are looking good. They are now in my porch. Its above freezing in there but now the onions have germinated I do not want them to grow too fast so out of the dinning room where it is warm and into the porch! 
   The weather forecast is for it to get a little warmer so the snow is not going to last. We shall see!

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