Monday, 1 October 2012


   Rain! It has rained here in Champeau de Bas and a reasonable amount too. That is going to help the winter cabbage, carrots, turnips and swede. It also means the grass will grow!. So, not a lot done in the garden due to the rain. Continue to tidy up between showers and take a look at other clearing jobs that have been ignored over the summer. I have a large area of nettles that need to be tackled and really should be done before the end of October. We shall see. I am waiting to sow broad beans and peas until October but the temptation is great! Some of the potatoes I planted for Christmas are showing so with a bit of luck and plenty of fleece we may have new potatoes for Christmas. Chickens willing! Spring onions sown. More weeding and forking done. The outside garden is starting to look a little bare. 
   In the poly tunnel all the plants continue to grow but I am very concerned about the cleanliness of the plastic. I had bought a cheap "squeezy" mop but that was a mistake and it was broke before it got used! Serves me right. Generally, you get what you pay for! I threw some coriander seed saved from last year in part of a small poly tunnel bed just for a lark really and it is doing well! Best sowing of coriander this season so far. I have sown some winter leaves. Mixed result last year so I am not too hopeful. Latest batch of salad bowl is taking off. 
   I have discovered that the aubergine variety that I planted in the poly tunnel is a french variety that was developed to grow outside! Pooh!
  The weather has turn fair but the days are short. Sun rise is around 0750hrs and sunset at 1930hrs. Makes for a shorter working day!

Cleared and dug courgette plot

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