Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Rain, rain go to Spain...

   New arrivals at Watermeadows! Firstly my third grand child, Toby, safely arrived on the 31st May. He is just a cutey. Also three Barberry/Mallard cross ducks and a goose have been added to our animal collection.
Goose with its bum to you and three ducks

   In between the heavy rain showers I have been moving along on the sowing, transplanting and harvesting front. Broad beans have now been picked, eaten, frozen (x4 1 pound bags worth!), cleared away and the in their place the next crop sown! (Sugar snap peas and peas). Carrots and peas are coming on stream along with cabbage in the poly tunnel. New potato's have been dug and boy are they delicious! My over winter onions have been a disappointment and I have started to pull them up. The onions are small. I have to harvest my over winter garlic very soon. The leaves are starting to die back and that apparently the sign they are ready to dig up. Well, I need the space for runner beans so any day now I will dig them up. I have weeded the tomato bed  and removed shoots. The bed is now looking very healthy and flowers are to be seen on some plants.
   In the poly tunnel tomato's have formed and are very visible. The chicory has been removed and some of the Little Gem lettuce. No one liked the chicory and the Little Gems were starting to go to seed. Coriander and radish sown. Greyhound and Chou Rouge cabbage transplanted.
   I have managed to transplant some flowers! Makes a change. Hopefully the chickens will leave them alone long enough for them to get established.
   White sage and sweet marjoram have a most delightful scent. I am really looking forward to these plants maturing.

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