Saturday, 26 May 2012

Win some, loose some.

   This blog will be cover the last two weeks. I just do not know where time goes! My IT went belly up and I had to rebuild etc etc but hey ho nothing lost. So, week ending  19th May.
  Well nature got one on me. Around the middle of May in Champeau de Bas you get a couple of days of frost, sometimes quiet hard. Guess what? Yep, there was a hard one overnight on the 16-17th May. Poof! Sweet corn lost, some tomatoes lost, potatoes scorched. You take a gamble and sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. This time I lost. Hey ho! Least it is not too late to resow the sweet corn and go hot foot to the market and get some tomato plants! Succession sowings of cabbage made.
     I managed to kill the old petrol lawn mower so I had to get a new one. Black and yellow...bruuuuummmm!
The Beast

Week ending 26th May
   Since I wrote the above a lot of the tomato's have recovered! Amazing plants these tomatoes. The potatoes also are almost back to what they were before the frost. Guess I have just lost time. Lot of weeding done this week. After the rain comes the warmth, comes the weeds! I finally decided to dig another small bed so that I have somewhere to plant rows of seeds like cabbage outside. Beetroot (1st and 2nd sowings going well. My second sowing was done using a 12 cell plastic module, three seeds in each module. Well, it worked! All the seeds germinated and now transplanted without have to "thin" out. Result! Bolotti beans and Haricot vert are thriving. Carrots also moving along (three sowings for succession). Yolo sweet peppers transplanted (51). Soon be eating broad beans! Sweet Heart melons are still establishing themselves but I have high hopes!

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