Sunday, 11 March 2012

The pace does not slacken!

 Poly tunnel update
SIDE 1 which is one long bed
Asparagus - no sign
Broad beans - no sign
Early Nantes carrot - no sign
Last of the Rudolph purple sprouting - handful of shoots to pick
Kohl Rabi - static
Celtic cabbage - static
Celeriac - needs eating!
Brussels sprout seeds - growing
Radish - growing
Salad bowl lettuce - not moving very fast!
Limousin turnips - heads above the soil.
Lettuce - two plants survived the deep freeze and are now showing signs of growing.
Late planted purple sprouting - alive but not moving much.

SIDE 2 which is split into 4 beds
Curly Kale - no one wants to eat this. Looking very good to my mind.
Chives - growing
Curly Parsley - just about surviving
Most of the bed is covered in black plastic. I am trying to warm up the soil to see I can improve on seed germination.
One red cabbage waiting to be eaten
Two kohl Rabi looking sad 
Celtic cabbage - looking strong and growing
Purple carrots - need pulling
Cauliflower - 4 out of 6 survived the deep freeze and are now growing away. Looking good. 1 is producing two heads! I will leave it to see whether it does or not.
Sage cuttings - (2011) established and growing 
Thyme cutting - (2011) well established and growing
Fleece cloche
Today's news is that the tomatoes have germinated! YES!
Leeks growing on, peas in loo rolls (yes, I have not planted them out yet!) growing.

Cabbage/cauliflower/lettuce moved out of the fleece cloche to within the poly tunnel.
Onion seedlings transplanted from their seed tray to an outside bed and covered with fleece. They were just getting too big!

Outside all is ominously quiet. The soil is still a little cold and very damp but is drying and warming fast. Those weeds. They are growing faster than anything. The over winter garlic really loved the cold and is looking really good. Autumn sown broad beans have not really moved since the milder days returned. Still some parsnips and turnips left to pull and a few bedraggled leeks. Another couple of weeks and I will be planting the early potatoes which are chitting well. 

Other news is that two of our sheep have had their lambs. One black and one white lamb. Congratulations to Mrs. Sheep and Wonkey. We eagerly await for the other ewes to produce.
Wonkey and her lamb 110312
Mrs Sheep and her lamb 110312

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